About Us

Nigel & Anne started collecting in the early 1980's with regular visits to the Commodore International Antiques Fair in Nottingham - sadly no longer there. Our first piece was a Cafe au Lait Red Roofs trio shortly followed by a trough in Coral Firs from an As you like it table decoration set.

With the Commodore's demise, came Loughbrough, Donnington and Newark & Notts and then into the 90's with the dedicated London sales from Christies & Bonhams. The 90's also brought regular visits to Stoke on Trent for meets with the Clarice Cliff Collectors Club and digging in the shard ruck by the side of the canal!

This century has been more about trading with some great dealers and friends & attending the occassional specialist auction - now Fieldings, Wooley & Wallis and Gardiner Houlgate plus browsing round antique centres and the occasional car boot hoping to stumble across a real find! The internet has helped further understanding - particularly through the CCCC whilst the likes of EBay has demonstrated what a truly global audience Clarice and her Bizarre girls reached / continues to impact.

As we've grown to understand Clarice's huge variety of shapes and patterns we've become a bit more focussed than those early days and have come to specialise mainly in landscapes - particularly Blue Firs (How did you guess?!) and from the abstracts Blue W - strange for someone who bleeds red and white stripes!

In January 2011 we made a resolution to prune our own collection and more as an extension to our hobby build a website and start selling a few pieces ... so we can enjoy meeting fellow collectors and hopefully find one or two of those elusive pieces! ..no seriously does anyone have say a sifter or vase in Green Firs?

Hope you enjoy browsing and feel free to contact us with views on the site, specific needs - shapes or patterns, collections for sale etc etc.