Welcome - Clarice Cliff Pottery For Sale

It's over 10 years now since we started selling pottery via BlueFirs.com!

Having collected Clarice's pottery since the early 1980's, in January 2011 we started selling some of the earlier pieces we bought & enjoyed it so much that we swapped and acquired even more pieces to put on the site! What started as a few swaps and sales with friends and contacts in the UK has now developed into a truly global customer base we're proud to say with new relationships in the USA, Australia, Japan & New Zealand to name a few distant lands.

Hope you enjoy browsing.

Nigel & Anne

The site contains a number of Clarice's iconic designs including Blue Firs, Coral Firs, Crocus, Football, Geometric, Melon, Nasturtium, Newlyn, Original Bizarre,Taormina, Autumn